food court vayk

The restaurants interior shows an elegant setting, once you enter, to backpacking united coupon code your left is the music hall and to the right is this dainty-looking dining area.
Its just along the way to our location, and he shared that this place offers a variety of food choices, good quality ns coupon code 2018 food, and very affordable price.
Tavern Restaurant offers an interesting mix on their menu.Fresh Cherries Juice, it was my first time to travel with a tour guide when we went to Armenia.The ambiance, crowd, friendly staff.We entered the restaurant and were greeted by 3 friendly staffs with their manager.We didnt buy a lot of stuff from Vernissage mainly because we already maximized our luggage allowance after the other days wine shopping at Areni Winery.And im so looking forward to come back and visit these restaurants again!
On our first day, he recommended this restaurant where we can have our lunch.
The restaurant is called.
I noticed some familiar Mediterranean dishes on the menu and decided to try it as well.He recommended another restaurant which also showed on my Google search, and lucky for us we were able to book a table!On our second day, our guide took us to a food court.Prices looked just as affordable as the other restaurants we tried earlier.For all that food trip, for all 4 of us (including our guide we paid AMD 11,000.00 (USD.68).My Top 5 Best Restaurants in Armenia.The manager and the whole crew were so friendly.You just choose which dish you want and you will only pay according to each food/dish weight.

After our meal, we ordered coffee and another attendant came to us and she recommended for us to try dessert.